Sunday, June 21, 2009

Venus Creates Welcome!

"Crown-of-Glory" was established in Aug. 2006 which is now "Venus Creates" 2009. The idea of performing styles on clients has always been a joy and relief for me. It's a joy because I see the beauty of what the black female and male possess when he/she is in a transformed state with their hair. The relief comes from knowing that some black women prefer the naturalness of their own hair, not having continuous extensions, perms, hot curlers, coldeperms,jerry curl, s-curl, and other chemicals in that may eat away at the scalp.

I've been doing hair 7+ yrs. most of my business is mostly through word of mouth, flyers, pics and performance on my hair. I'm now trying to pave different avenues for my business and hopefully put out a positive message and concept to all women and men letting them know that your hair is your "crown-of-glory", and with a little research and reading you will know "why"!

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